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Welcome to NB Yoga & Wellness, your yoga haven designed to help you step onto the mat and support you - no matter where you are on your yoga journey.

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Looking to get back on the mat or start your yoga practice?

From beginning students to experienced practitioners alike, we’re on a mission to help you access all of the wonderful benefits yoga has to offer.

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Hi, I'm Nicole

Hi, I’m Nicole. Your yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and hypnotherapist. I have a passion for helping people develop realistic, accessible, and sustainable self-care regimens for optimal health and wellbeing. I view yoga as an integral component of a healthy self-care practice that will support you throughout your life journey.

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Practice Your Way. On Your Schedule.

From live one-on-one sessions or in-studio classes, to virtual live-stream and on-demand offerings, we have something just for you! Whether you’re new to yoga, working through illness or injury, or an advanced practitioner, we’ve got you covered. Our accessible classes are designed by top Bay Area teachers with over 10+ years experience, here to support you.

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“I really feel my strength, flexibility, and physical and mental awakening improving – and I think it is all due to a consistent practice. It is exciting for me to experience… especially at 66!”

- Rob R.

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