Yoga in Pajamas: Legs Elevated Savasana

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Happy Friday!!

I hope you will try this week’s Yoga in Pajama Pose, Legs Elevated Savasana. Don’t let this pose fool you into thinking you are JUST lying down! Let me assure you the benefits of this pose make it so much more than just laying down and actually, it might be one of the hardest poses you do.

Why is it hard you ask? It is hard because our minds have a difficult time turning off and it is really a challenge to be still in a pose for long periods of time. Let me assure you over time it does become easier. You can think of your mind as a muscle that needs to be strengthened and as you practice over time, that stillness will become easier and come more quickly.

As you practice resting, you will be gaining the benefits of the pose…. calming the nervous system, boosting your immune system, and reducing stress and anxiety. Putting your feet up also helps to reduce fatigue in the legs. Are you still thinking this pose is just lying down??

So I invite you to try giving yourself time to relax intentionally everyday even if it is only for 5-10 minutes. I think you will find you feel so much better. Put it in your calendar as a non-negotiable time for you to take care of yourself so you can live and feel your best!

I love this pose as a stand alone pose to just put my feet up for a few minutes or, when I have more time to give to my practice, I like to rest in this pose after doing another pose. If you want to extend your practice, try doing this pose after either Supported Child’s Pose or Supported Butterfly Pose.

PROPS: Two bolsters or pillows and a blanket

I hope you have a great weekend!!! Let me know in the comments below if you try this pose and what you think!

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