Yoga in Pajamas: Super Supported Bridge

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TGIF! I hope you have had a good week! A few weeks back I posted a Supported Bridge Pose here.
If you liked that pose, you are going to love this one with extra support. The extra bolster or pillows gives your back extra support and opens up the front of the body
front of the body even more, which allows the breath to flow a little more freely. My clients who I share this pose with absolutely love it!  So, give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Props: (I’ve linked to some of my favorites!)
Two bolsters or firm pillows, a blanket, yoga mat (optional sandbag)

If you have never used a sandbag in your rest yoga practice, you are missing out!  I talk more about the use of sandbags in the video so be sure to watch!

When coming into this pose, you will want to make sure your shoulders are completely off the bolster so they can relax on your mat. If for any reason, this pose is not comfortable for you, might try this pose with folded blankets instead of the bolsters to give yourself less height. As always, make sure you are really comfortable in your rest pose.  It goes without saying, it is hard to rest if you are not comfortable in general but the same is true in your yoga practice.

Check Out the Video of this Pose!!

Needless to say we are living through some challenging times. So in this video, I lead you through a guided meditation practice to help you bring a little more calm into the body to help release some of the stresses you may be holding on to.

I hope you will give this pose a try! Have a great weekend!

Be Well Yogis!



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