Monday Motivation: Consistency

As with anything you would like to benefit from, to truly see the benefits of yoga you must develop a consistent practice. Consistency is KEY!! As we slowly start to get back to our new normal and life starts to get a little busier, it is easy to give up on our self-care routines.

A consistent yoga practice will provide you the opportunity to:

Practice with more confidence
When we first start practicing yoga it is normal to be unsure of yourself! You might question whether or not you are doing the poses correctly and wonder if the sensations you’re experiencing in your poses are what you are supposed to be feeling. With consistent practice, those feelings of uncertainty begin to diminish and a sense of joy and confidence begins to take over during your time on your mat.

Build more strength, flexibility, balance, and mindfulness
As a yoga teacher, I am often asked how long will it take to get results. The honest answer is… I don’t know! Everybody is different and every body is different. What I do know for sure is if you are dedicated and committed to your yoga practice you will be better able to see and monitor the changes happening in your body, mind, and spirit.

See the benefits of self care and nurturing yourself
Self care means looking after one’s basic human needs; self-nurturing renews your energy and rebuilds self-esteem and love for yourself. Practicing yoga makes us happy, makes us feel centered and grounded – all the while connecting us to the universe. When you find peace and joy and compassion in yourself, you can be a person who lives with peace and compassion toward others. As B.K.S. Iyengar said, “Yoga is a light which once lit, will never dim; the better your practice, the brighter your flame.”

If you have not done so already, I invite you to nurture yourself by committing to a consistent practice. Set a goal for yourself of how many times a week you will be on your mat, write it down in your calendar as non-negotiable time, and be consistent! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Be Well Yogis!

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Consistency”

Rob Rideau

Hi Nicole,
I agree that it is difficult just when will notice the benefits of yoga. But having practiced for many years, albeit not as consistently as the last 3 months, I believe benefits occur after every session. Maybe small, almost imperceptible benefits, but when consistently those become recognizable sooner. Just my humble opinion.

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