Monday Motivation: Appreciate The Life You are Living NOW!!!

I recently heard someone say, “there’s nothing to look forward to anymore”. This person went on to talk about all the things he had been looking forward to….vacation plans, summer concerts, and many other things that were planned for the upcoming months.

It is a bummer no doubt, but we are still being blessed with beautiful weather, with family and friends, with living!  LIFE has not been put on hold!  As humans, it is easy for us to think about what is wrong.  Many of us tend to gravitate to things in life that are going wrong, but each of us has the capacity to rise above what we perceive as holding us back and find things, even little things, to be grateful for, to appreciate.  What if we set aside bits of time each day – in the here and now – to think about what is going right, what is beautiful, what makes us smile, and cherish those few moments?

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.” – Dalai Lama

  • I appreciate that my most basic needs are taken care of. I have shelter and access to delicious food and water 
  • I appreciate the longer walks I am able to take with my dog and the uplifting music blaring in my headphones as I go 
  • I appreciate the slower pace of life.  There is no RUSH!!  I can take my time to get to where I need to go without being overscheduled 
  • I appreciate that I can spend time creating content for you!  (See below) 
  • I appreciate ZOOM! 🙂 Where would I be today without Zoom?  It has allowed me the opportunity to continue to teach and connect with all of you! 
  • I appreciate my body!  I am healthy and able to get out and move everyday!

“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.” Hansa Proverb 

Are there still some things I wish could be different?  Of course! But it feels so much better to focus on what is good rather than what is wrong. 

So, Yogis… I invite you to challenge yourselves as I have myself to find something to appreciate each and everyday of these unprecedented times!

Be Well Yogis!



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