Monday Motivation: Consistency

As with anything you would like to benefit from, to truly see the benefits of yoga you must develop a consistent practice. Consistency is KEY!! As we slowly start to get back to our new normal and life starts to get a little busier, it is easy to give up on our self-care routines.
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Monday Motivation: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

This mantra is perfect for the times we are living in now! As we continue to be faced with uncertainty of our global pandemic and unsettling feelings from civil unrest, we can recite this mantra aloud or to ourselves and know we are sending out our highest vibration of good for all into the universe.
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Monday Motivation: Surrender

Our world seems to be challenging us moment-by-moment these days.  Every day we wake up there is something new for us to process: an increase in Covid-19 deaths, inhuman behavior against fellow men, stories of heartache and despair, unrest and intolerance…..
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