Monday Motivation:Face Your FEARS!

Each day we are continuing to adapt to our new way of living, reconciling ourselves to the necessary strictures put upon us to keep ourselves, our families, and our communities safe and well. And it can be really tough sometimes!

For me, last week was a challenge; so many emotions were bubbling to the surface; the biggest one being FEAR. Fear of the unknown, of what the future holds for the studio, of getting sick…..! I bring this up not to solicit sympathy, but to let you know if you are experiencing feelings of sadness, loneliness, fear, anxiety, etc., YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! There is no shame in having emotions, we all have them.

Fear can drain our energy, hold us back from going after what we really want, and if we hold on to it long enough it can cause dis-ease in our bodies.  Our yoga practice can be so helpful when dealing with negative emotions such as fear. Yoga teaches us to work with what is showing up for us, to listen, to acknowledge, and release.  Is it always easy?  Of course not!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by Fear (or any other negative emotion for that matter), here are some strategies to release your fear:

  1. MOVE: Physical activity helps to move energy through the body.  Yoga of course is very helpful to connect with the body, but even a long walk in the fresh air can be uplifting and beneficial
  2. BREATHE: Be still and tune into where you think fear might be manifesting in your body.  Breathing into those areas can help to release the fear
  3. POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: reframe your thinking and put a positive spin on your fear:
    • Everything is always working out for me
    • I feel safe and secure at all times
    • My body is healthy and strong
    • I have what it takes to conquer my fears
  4. PRACTICE GRATITUDE: For some, just acknowledging all of the wonderful things you have in this moment can shift your thinking from the negative to the positive 
  5. SURRENDER: Accept where you are in this moment, acknowledge your fears, and let them go. Try to refrain from judgement or self-criticism and practice self-compassion instead

For me, once I was able to identify my fear triggers, I was able to process them and let go. I knew I needed to get out and move my body and BREATHE!!  

I also practice affirmations on a regular basis.  I often will repeat my affirmations when I walk.  Long walks have been my saving grace over the past couple of weeks.  Being in nature, breathing fresh air, and turning away from my triggers is like a magic potion for me……my walks always make me feel better!

Be Well Yogis!


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