Yoga Books to Inspire You!

Namaste Yogis-

I hope you are doing well! I am currently participating in a 30 Day Reels Challenge on Instagram. The prompt for today was to share your top books! There are so many books that I love so choosing just a few was a bit of a challenge for me. Since reels only give you 15 seconds, I thought you might like to look further into what these books are about!!
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Monday Motivation: Have Fun Everyday!!!

Namaste Yogis!

I hope you had a good weekend! This weekend, I was reflecting on all of the challenges we have been faced with this year. The most recent being the wildfires which has kept many of us indoors due to poor air quality. Like many I’m sure, I have found this to be very frustrating since one of the things that has helped me cope with the pandemic is getting out for my walks and running the stairs. Because of the wild fires burning in California, I have not been able to get out for the past week or so. Needless to say, this is very frustrating but I am trying to make the best of it by practicing more yoga and moving my body in other ways without going outside.
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What’s Up Wednesday: Gentle Back Extension Poses

Namaste! It’s hard to believe it is already Wednesday with the holiday on Monday! I hope you had a great Labor Day! It was so hot where I live, I honestly did nothing except teach a great class in the morning!

This week I am focusing on back extension poses or backbends. In order to maintain the health of our spine, we want to make sure we are moving the spine in all of the ways it is meant to move….these are flexion (e.g., forward fold), extension (e.g., backbend), rotation (e.g., twist), and lateral flexion (e.g., side bend). As someone who has had back issues in the past, I am always very careful when backbending especially since my thoracic spine has limited mobility.
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What’s Up Wednesday: Poses for the Quadriceps

Namaste! How did it get to be September already?? I hope your week is going well!

This week in my classes, I am focussing on the quadriceps. The quadriceps are made up of four muscles. These four muscles are extensor muscles that help extend the knee. The quadriceps help us to walk, run & jump so it goes without saying, we need to take care of them! In my personal practice, I know I am working the quadriceps often as I almost always incorporate lunges into my practice, but it is not often I remember to do poses that help stretch these muscles.
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